About BICA accreditation levels

About BICA accreditation levels

On our Find a counsellor page you will find a list of infertility counsellors who are all members of BICA and therefore subject to our codes of practice, ethics, complaints procedures etc.  The level of accreditation of each counsellor is clearly shown.

The BICA accreditation scheme is a rigorous process of peer assessment run by BICA for infertility counsellors and recognised by the Human fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

Here is an explanation of what each level of accreditation means:


Counsellors who are ‘Registered’ are working towards accreditation by BICA in the near future.

Accredited Member of BICA [AMBICA]

Counsellors with the status of AMBICA are working in a licensed clinic or as an Independent practitioner. They meet BICA’s accreditation criteria with regard to supervision, stated levels of infertility practice, indemnity insurance, an assessed profile of practice, and required continued professional development.

Senior Accredited Member of BICA [SAMBICA]

Counsellors with the status of SAMBICA are those of notable experience and seniority assessed by a portfolio of work demonstrating specialist expertise.