HFEA National Fertility Pilot Survey 2018

20th December 2018
HFEA National Fertility Pilot Survey 2018 image

With over 1000 responses from all over the country, the survey represented a huge amount of insight and information.

The headline findings include:

75% were satisfied with their treatment.

63% were able to provide feedback at any time during their treatment.

62% of those who used private treatment paid more than they expected for treatment.

77% of those that utilised treatment ‘add-ons’ were satisfied with how open and transparent the costs of these were.

Private clinic users were more likely to say they were aware of us, the HFEA when compared to those who used NHS clinics.

20% do not remember receiving any information on emotional support.

56% of those that sought advice from a GP were satisfied with the advice they received.


Download and read the full report and its accompanying data

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