Working in a Licensed Clinic? Our Patient Support Workshops are now available to book

21st February 2019

Our Patient support workshops delivered by experienced BICA trainers are now available to book for your clinic.

The HFEA 9th Code of Practice requires clinics to develop a patient support policy to ensure that patients, donors and their partners receive appropriate psychosocial support from all staff before, during and after treatment. They will need to show what training is provided to facilitate staff in their role of offering good emotional care, treating patients with sensitivity and respect and supporting them through all aspects of their treatment, in particular, if they are suffering distress at any stage. 

This BICA workshop has been designed to enhance and develop the knowledge, skills and personal resources of all clinic staff in undertaking this difficult and challenging work.

An interactive half –day workshop aiming to:- 

Increase understanding of the psychosocial impact of infertility and its treatment
Teach good practice in managing bad news
Develop good communication skills
Raise awareness of the importance of support for the practitioner 

To discuss your requirements for Patient Support Workshops.Feb19.pdf

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